Maximizing Cycling Performance

Deep Cycle Batteries

There are many misunderstandings regarding marine/RV- deep cycle batteries. The term "deep cycle" refers, in general, to a battery which has the capability of deeply discharging hundreds of times. How does it differ from other batteries? An automotive or commercial starting battery is manufactured specifically to shallow cycle thousands of times while only being able to deeply discharge less than 50 cycles during its life.

Proper Deep Cycle Application

A marine/ RV-deep cycle battery can be used for various applications including boat, motor homes, travel trailers, tent campers, etc. Anytime an application has a need for batteries that can provide repeated deep discharge, you need marine/ RV-deep cycle batteries.

What is a Cycle?

A cycle refers to one battery discharge and recharge of any depth.

There are three types of battery cycles: Shallow, Moderate and Deep. These terms help us to understand the type of cycling that batteries are required to experience.

Shallow cycles occur when only a small percent of the total capacity of the battery is discharged. Moderate and Deep cycles are discharged by a higher percent of the total battery's capacity.

 Battery Cycle

What Makes a Deep Cycle Battery Unique?

Several things make deep cycle battery types different from starting types: thicker plates, denser active chemical plate material and a specially formulated grid alloy. These and other added features allow the Interstate marine/RV-deep cycle batteries to withstand the severe, repeated stress that deep cycling creates.


 Plate Design


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